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The Adventures of Micro-Fish [entries|friends|calendar]
Chainsaws of Peace

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wibbly [28 Mar 2009|05:05pm]
hello neglected livejournal
I just wanted to share with you this email that made my lip all quiverly and my heart all achey.

we have a bloom in the greenhouse!
paul got his root stock from holland, and is doing his annual pot-a-
thon, so i put on my parka over my polka dot pjs and wandered on out
to see him at 8am this morning. schmaltzy latin jazz, the smell of
spring, a happy diligent worker deftly potting up naked roots, and ...
one beautiful flower, a hellebore, in bloom halfway down the
greenhouse. lots of young shoots and bits of bright green. mmmm.
nice day.
we are going to kingston later to go to a dance - mr. something
something - remember dancing to that at blue skies?? i am all excited
because i bought fresh cod and have a chowder prepared to put it in at
the last moment so its all tender and nummy in our bowls. patrick is
coming for dinner. i am also excited at the thought of dancing, then
WALKING home in a lovely state of exhaustion ... and waking up for
coffees in the wee house.
ok im having a much better day than yesdterday already. guess i'll go
jump back in.
love, mum
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A little terrified. [24 Feb 2009|01:59pm]
Tomorrow I fly to Dusseldorf arriving at 9 or so pm, must find may way to the actual city, find hostel, then find train station, find the right town, then find two people I have never met and get in their car and go out into the countryside.
If they offer me candy I'm going to take it.
I am so nervous. Mostly about Dusseldorf, transportation and my lack of German.
I'm going to spend three weeks on this farm and then I think two weeks on a different one. I'm really excited about this. Excited AND scared.
Whenever I feel like this I can't get the little red riding hood song from Into the Woods out of my head. Even though I know so little of it.
Whew. Okay. Be calm. Focus. Patch your pants, find a travel alarm clock with a snooze button, breath, breath, draw some maps for yourself, breath.

I am really not a very good traveller. Too much anxiety. This is why I think wwoofing will be a good way for me to travel. You stay in one place for longer, you have something to focus on, you're forced to meet people, less money anxieties.

The first place has sheep and the second has a yurt!
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I HATE CATS [17 Feb 2009|11:10am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Why do they have to ruin everything? I could be on a mountain in Ireland right now volunteering on an organic farm, were it not for those horrible dander-encrusted felines.
I can't believe it! I'm so upset! It sounded so cool!
ohwell. the hunt continues I guess.

Oh! and I went to spain! I decided to start a different blogtypething so that my family can keep track of me (though none of them know about it yet) and I wrote about it there. http://ubiquiblog.wordpress.com/ It embarrasses me a little with its unoriginality, but hell, who cares.

So typical travel musings there, grumping here.
Its settled.

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The Lake District [01 Feb 2009|03:31pm]
So. I am here.
It took three days of planes, cancelled planes, hotels, missed planes, planes that take off, scary customs officials, buses, bus stations, more buses and more bus stations
then it was 6am in Glasgow, my pa met me at the train station with an "lets get some breakfast and go an adventurin'"*
and so we drove to the lake district and walked in the pretty pretty

and then we went to the hostel and I puked, and puked, and puked.
obviously I was not quite up for adventure just yet.
back in Glasgow flat and I will sleep and sleep and sleep.


*wording not exact
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SOMETHING GOOD [23 Jan 2009|02:12pm]
He wants my apartment! I called my dad and he shouted with joy and then I shouted with joy and I'm going to buy my ticket tonight!
I am leaving this place.
I am so excited.
So much to do...like overdue taxes that I don't understand.

flying away
flying away
flying away

halifax to london
london to glasgow


something good!
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overwhelmed [21 Dec 2008|02:23am]
Lets go
I'm moving all of my stuff tomorrow.
I'm moving all of my stuff tomorrow.
By 10:00 everything I own here has to be dealt with.
I may be in trouble.
So sleepy.
I have to remember that it is all I have to do, that soon I will be in the country sleeping and eating and cross country skiing.
Soon I will be seeing many people who I have missed, but mostly I will be sleeping.
My flight is monday afternoon, tomorrow everything should be done and hopefully I can get a good nights sleep on the couch. Then I can wake up, drink some gin to quell plane terrors and gooooo
Ah! when did it get to be 2:30? Call in the troops Audrey! Call in the troops!
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moving moving moving [19 Dec 2008|04:17pm]
my mum is decorating the house all christmassy in a blizzard and I am a stresspot.
I'd like to be there.
Boy left this morning and now I have two days to do EVERYTHING
including leaching off of relatives.
pack pack pack
Speak and Spell
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Can I leave now? [02 Nov 2008|02:50pm]
Its what you do when you need a change.
Read my tarot cards, dreamed about the angry ocean and crossing it on a paperback novel, started packing and pitching.

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[27 Oct 2008|05:19pm]
Point Pleasent

Rain day. For sorting and cleaning.
and finishing wind in the willows.
I am dreaming of making things.
Twyla said that when I sleep, it seems like I am working in printmaking because I twitch and softly swear under my breath
or sit up and say "Oh I know why! Its because you put a rose on the plate!"
but sometimes I just shout
"I AM sleeping, puppet."
and we debate whether I am asleep or not, and I usually win.

Grey fog day. Put my dear friend on the train.
wanted to go too, but when I got outside I skipped home so happy to be here with the mist on my face.
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Been a strange few weeks [26 Oct 2008|02:54am]

On Monday I will be alone again and then in two months I will be somewhere else entirely.
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hour break. [17 Oct 2008|10:36pm]
I can't quite believe I am surviving.
yes melodramatic
I have seen the sunrise every night this week and have done my sleeping in 4-5 hour chunks remaining at school for the rest, save an hour here and there. always late, always forgetting to eat.
I am complaining and I am tired and I have to go because I have the press booked from 12-5 and I need to prep my paper.
midterms, ba!

but, printmaking is becoming less scary everyday and I'm getting some neat images. finally making art that is recognizable as mine.
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The essay writing post. [13 Oct 2008|09:14pm]
I had thankgiving at ERI
ERI Thanksgimming
we cooked dinner on the beach in a big fire.
I breathed in and now I am in a well. a well of work.
And of course I want to run away or run back but its almost midterms and when those are over it might get better for a while.
laCollapse )
Batty is here. She made crisp from the pears in the backyard. It is nice to have her here but a strange collision of two worlds so sometimes I think I am in my old attic bedroom in highschool and nothing matters so much.
but it does.

And I am thinking about Sam, and how much our little community must be hurting right now and it makes me sad to not be there.
to say I'm sorry
or just be there

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So I posted twice in one day. Whats it to yuh? [30 Sep 2008|01:52am]
oh wait! Its 2:00. new day yes.

I have finally gotten my portfolio for Parson's to a place where I want it, but I cannot for the life of me write the proposal. It is due wednesday and I am drinking pots of tea and fretting. I thought I would have lots of trouble with the portfolio and the essay would be where they see what a lovely addition to there school I would be, instead I sound like a prat.
I don't know why I am so worried because I want to go to Scotland anyway.
But they have courses about children's illustration and comic books!
Also maybe I'm afraid neither idea will be realized
because so far NSCAD is the only plan I ever enacted and as I recall it wasn't really a plan at all. more of a whim.
maybe I live by those.

Please write my proposal for me. Tell them how nice I am.
No wait, I can do this.
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[29 Sep 2008|08:45pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I voted today! For the first time! It was great!
I am trying to enjoy this feeling of being part of this decision making process because if this doesn't turn out well...which I'm really afraid it won't I will lose this feeling.
though the feeling would be worse having known I didn't vote.

Twyla is coming to visit THIS SATURDAY for who knows how long. I pray I will get my work done and I can send her off to frolic by the harbour. It will be nice to have an old friend here as long as I can do my printmaking which is all consuming.
"This is open heart surgery!" he says.
"If anyone tries to talk to you while you are printing you say, 'I have a patient on the operating table'".
Litho. Scary.

My hair is fuzzy and feathery today.

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[24 Sep 2008|01:22am]
[ mood | tired ]

Emily & Ben 1

It doesn't take a lot to make me want to give up. Luckily it takes a lot to actually make me give up.

I'm working on a proposal to study in New York City in the winter. It is due on monday.
If I don't get in or I don't get it done in time I'm taking a semester off and going to scotland.

Yesterday was a humiliating printmaking experience and I thought maybe I would close my eyes very tightly shut and keep them that way for at least until after finals.
But today Andrea helped me through it and not only did I print a proof, I did some aquatinting.

Also today I locked myself out of the house in my pajamas and sock feet ten minutes before class.
Don't worry, it worked out okay.

I have this picture gallery thing that you can go to if you wish. It contains my portfolio in progress, some of those summer pictures and more from this b&w film i had developed and scanned recently.

I just finished a drawing for my narrative drawing class and don't know how to feel about it.
Also, I get to read Huck Finn for my Childrens Lit and Illustration class. Its an amazing feeling to put on a pot of tea, sit outside and read and be able to feel non guilty because ITS SCHOOLWORK!

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